Motorola/Zebra to Discontinue MC9090 Service and Support

Motorola to Discontinue MC9090 Support


Motorola ended support and service on MC9090 mobile devices in 2017.

Zebra Technologies, formerly Motorola, announced its service and support of MC9090 devices would end in 2017. In many cases, this discontinuation can lead to significant disruptions to businesses that rely on MC9090s.

Carlton Technologies will never discontinue MC9090 service. In fact, it's one of our specialties. We offer the highest quality repairs, replacement parts, and refurbished MC9090s if a device is unable to be salvaged.

A comprehensive MC9090 repair plan from Carlton will ensure that your business does not experience any unnecessary disruptions and will eliminate extended lapses in servicing and support of these mission critical devices.  

We also offer a Flat Fee option with one price and no obligations. There's a service plan that fits for every business.

Learn more about our repair plan options for Motorola MC9090s.

Ready to talk about repairs or new devices? Contact us today and within 24 hours we'll have your MC9090s covered for their lifetime.

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