Motorola/Zebra to Discontinue MC9090 Service and Support

Support and Service on MC9090 mobile devices scheduled to end in the Fall of 2017.

Zebra/Motorola has announced that service of MC9090 devices will end the fall of 2017. In most cases, this discontinuation can lead to significant disruptions to any businesses using MC9090's. Carlton Technologies intends on offering the highest quality service and support on all Motorola MC9090's. Selecting a comprehensive MC9090 repair plan from Carlton for your will ensure that your business does not experience any unnecessary disruptions and will eliminate extended lapses in servicing and support of these mission critical devices.  See the chart below for our repair plan options for Motorola MC9090’s and know we will never discontinue service on MC9090's. Contact us today and within 24 hours we'll have your MC9090's covered for their lifetime. [go_pricing id="c2-4startu_588f773db0918"]