Honeywell Guarantees Support through Android 13

Fort Mill, SC, January 29, 2021 - Honeywell announced today that their Mobility Edge Android version guarantee will include Android 12 and will be compatible through Android 13.

This is great news for organizations that have invested in and migrated to Android-ready Mobility Edge products from Honeywell. Late adopters have further evidence of long term viability, and may have a higher degree of certainty that Honeywell mobility devices are well-equipped as a long term mobility solution as well.

"When we launched our Mobility Edge platform, one of our main goals was to future-proof our devices, providing certainty, longest lifecycle, and best available security with mobile computers. One of the ways this is delivered is through guaranteed Android version compatibility without skipping versions. The only way to receive the best available Android security and features is through the latest major Android version, not through patches to prior Android versions, " remarks Stan Zywicki (Honeywell Enabling Software Director) and Scot Stelter (Honeywell Mobility Services Director).

Mobility Edge has a unique system-on-module (SOM) architecture which is optimized in close partnership with Qualcomm and Google. While technical roadmaps are never perfect and subject to change, Honeywell's statement is a strong vote of confidence in the Mobility Edge platform.

The latest rugged devices, such as the CK65 mobile computer, VM1A vehicle mount computer, or RT10A tablet will remain reliable for the next several years and beyond. The current Android OS version is 11, which released in September 2020. A summarized history of Android OS version releases from Computer World covers each Android version from 1.0 all the way to 11.

Honeywell remains the only device manufacturer guaranteeing compatibility through Android 12 and committed to support for Android 13.

The time to migrate to Android OS is overdue, and Honeywell's announcement currently positions them as the best investment for future-proof hardware.


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